Szigetköz results

Please find below the results of the 2011 Szigetköz Cup:


I only realised at the end of the 2. day that the winner was from Hungary in all classes, which could have sounded a mission impossible a few years ago in such an international event, where we had competitors from Austria, Sweden anf France as well, espcecially in the higher classes.

A newcomer, Beretta von den Hochangern won the Puppy Class with Hazafi József, this was the first test for this young dog - a great result though!

The Novice Class winner was Blackthorn Hatsya Holly with Nikolett Szendrei, and she was also awarded to be winning the Szigetköz Cup 2011.

The winner of the intermediate class was Megyeriné Kati with Blackthorn Fair.

In the Open Class, after a 3 dogs run off, Fly of Dukefield won, honestly saying I would not have expected such a great results from her being that her puppies have only left to their new homes a week ago!

Watching the prize giving ceremony and listening to the speeches from the winners who were emotionally touched, it was nice to see how much plus this sport, and our dogs can give to us.

Thanks to all for attending the event, the photos of our two professional photographers Ágota Jakabfi and Ádám Urbán may give back something of the great atmosphere we had over there during the two days - all who could not come, definitely missed something - but of course there is always a a next time!


Böszörményi Andrea


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