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Please find below the results of the Pannonia Cup:


Pannonia Cup Team Event 2011 - the first 3 teams:

1. Place: Team Monarchy

Ursula Schöppl - Ghost von der Atterseewelle

Hartmut Schöppl - Felix von der Atterseewelle

Zsolt Böszörményi - Int. FTCH Eddie of Dukefield

2. Place: The Old Lady and the Guys

 Török Zsolt Blackthorn Grus

 Szendrei Nicolette - Blackthorn Hiram

 Janecskó Miklós - Int. FTCH Chance of Dukefield

3. Place The Flying Paws

Michaela Kussmann - Blackthorn Hasseleh

Katharina John - Little Violet's Energy Flash

Rosa Maria Sulzbacher - Hannah of Lubberland


The first 3 places of the Novice Dummy Trial:

1. Place - Szendrei Nicolette - Blackthorn Hiram - excellent + Gun's Choice

2. Place - Felix von der Atterseewelle - Hartmut Schöppl - kitűnő minősítés - excellent

3. Place - Megyeriné Tarpai Katalin - Blackthorn Fair - very good

The first 3 of the Open Dummy Trial

1. Place - Stefano Martinoli - Waterfriend Toy - excellent

2. Place - Valerio Ziliani - Kenmillix Seasonal Spirit - excellent

3. Place - Király Olivér - Whispering Oaks Gambler - very good + Gun's Choice


In the individual of the Team Event we had some hungarian handlers and dogs among the first 3 in each classes, namely:

Török Zsolt Blackthorn Grus-al Novice Class 2. Place

Szendrei Nikolett Blackthorn Hiram Intermediate Class 1. Place

Böszörményi Zsolt Int. FTCH Eddie of Dukefield Open Class 3. Place


Detailed results can be found here:








Thanks to all who attended the event, to all those who helped in the organisation, thank you for your sportive attitude, for the phantastic atmosphere, and let us say special congratulations to our club members for their results!

Andrea Böszörményi


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