10 years anniversary

10 years anniversary WRCH Dummy Trial & Working Test 3-5 April 2015

How it started...?

2005... amazing that it has already been 10 years ago that we founded our Working Retriever Club of Hungary.

This club is our baby, which is getting a teenager in the meantime... Some friends, who became closer due to the common hobby, the goal, and the desire to support the retriever sport in our country, decided to work seriously to achieve their goals, whilst still trying to keep it all fun, and founded a retriever club which is dedicated to working retrievers.

In the first few years we could only organise field trials together with supporting clubs who trusted our commitment and our desire to work for this sport. These 3 clubs were the Italian Retriever Club with Stefano Martinoli, the German Retriever Club, with Eva Berg's support, and the Austrian Retriever Club with Thano Keller who was the WT & FT Referent those times for ÖRC. After some years of argumentation with our kennel club we finally became recognised as an official partner of the Hungarian Kennel Club and we are entitled to organise field trials as well since. Our club is not a breeding club, but a working club, a small but friendly one with about 100 members, and we are proud on it that all our members are actively working with their dogs.

The most prestigeous european event we ever organised was the IWT in 2011 which we are very proud of.

The 10 years anniversary will be special. For us anyway. And we will make it special for all participants as well.

Who else could we invite than the first two persons who gave training seminar in Hungary to judge this 3 days event for us and these two guys are Stefaan Bollen (B) and Stefano Martinoli (I). We are glad to celebrate together with them.

Where else could it be than in Szigetköz, near Dunasziget where our first events have been organised.

A SENIOR CLASS will be organised for the first time in our club’s life, we hope to welcome all those SENIORS over 9 years of age who may be attended our first events too…  The tests will be Novice Level, motto: just for fun!

Please check back for our news, and don't miss the event. We count on all our friends who share our passion and who have been part of our club's life and events over the last 10 years.

The story to be continued….

Entries will be online from 20. February

Andrea Böszörményi

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