FCI Retriever Committee

Dear Club Members,

The FCI's European Retriever Committee has elected a new board at its meeting held on 04. July 2014 in Denmark.¤

The new president of the Committee is Stefano Martinoli from Italy, and the Secretary is Ms. Pauliina Ahola from Finland to whom I'd like to congratulate also on this platform.

To my honour, I have been elected to be the Vice President of the Committee.

I hope that the new Board will be able to represent the interests of working retrievers towards the FCI just as good as it has been done during the Presidency of Fons Exelmans, who has been an excellent president of the Committee.

I personally believe the Committe can do a lot for our retrievers, for our sport, we have a lot of job to do, and I'm looking forward to this new challenge.


Andrea Böszörmenyi

Vice President of the FCI Retriever Committee

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