Filed Trial 08-09. Dec 2012

Despite of the cold and windy weather we had, our one day 14 dogs open stakes near Rabaszentmihály in Hungary went smoothly , where we had a very pleasant atmosphere over the two days.¤

On 08 December the 1. prize with CACIT / CACT titles has been awarded to Drakeshead Vanda (handler: Dr. Heike Klieber), 2. prize has been awarded to Fly of Dukefield with Res. CACIT /Res. CACT, excellent qualification (handler: Andrea Böszörményi).

3. place excellent qualification has been awarded to Waterfriend Verve (handler: Heidemarie Sulzbacher)

On 09. December DEcember 09 the 1. prize with CACIT / CACT titles has been awarded to Kurt Becksteiner with Int FTCH Doubleuse Helagsmountain, 2. prize went to Drakeshead Vanda with Res. CACIT / Res. CACT, excellent qualification (handler: Dr. Heike Klieber)

3. place excellent qualification has been awarded to FTCH Denbank Kirky (handler: Kurt Becksteiner).

Detailed results here:


Several countries have been represented again at our event, we had handlers arriving from Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, and it was a special honour to greet David Latham the 3 times winner of the IGL Championship on our trials.

Special thanks to our excellent team of guns, the shooting was great, which highly contributed to the success of the trials.

Last but not least, thank you to our judge Fille and Fons Exelmans from Belgium for coming over to us this weekend to judge our dogs.

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