Field Trial Championship 2012

The Austrian Retriever Club and the Working Retriever Club of Hungary have decided to call the Austrian - Hungarian Field Trial Championship to life in 2011.¤

The Championship is held in alternate countries each year, the first Championship in 2011 has been held in Hungary, in 2012 it will be organized by the Austrian Retriever Club (ÖRC).

Date: 22. December 2012

Judges: Keld Jörgensen (DK), Lynn Stringer (GB), Malcolm Stringer (GB)


Qualification for this Championship are the results from CACIT Field Trials run between 1st December 2011 until 10th December 2012 run in Hungary and Austria, organized by the Austrian Retriever Club and the Working Retriever Club of Hungary and the results of the Coupe D’Europe 2011 France, and Individual Challenge Cup Italy 2012.

Results such as CACIT, Res. CACIT, excellent, very good, good will be taken into consideration, CACIT titles counting highest, than Res. CACIT etc.
The qualifications count first and only after that the placement. (for example someone who has a 1. place with a very good will be put behind the one who has a 4. place excellent).

In case 2 dogs have got the same results, then the dog whose results are closer to the date of the Championship will be put higher in the ranking.
It is always the responsibility of the two club’s field trial secretaries to rank the entered dogs upon their results.

The number of dogs running will be decided by the organizing club every year, depending on the grounds, amount of game, and other circumstances.
Entries are possible via the Austrian Retriever Club’s website.

After sending your entry online, please also send the list of trials you like to be taken into consideration, and the copy of the documents (diplomas) to the email address, or if you prefer by post to Heike Klieber, Wieskapellenweg 6, A-8280 Fürstenfeld.

on behalf of the ÖRC: Dr. Heike Klieber o                                           n behalf of the WRCH: Andrea Böszörményi

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