In loving memory of Ursula

In loving memory of our beloved friend Ursula Schöppl¤



Our dear Ursula has passed away on 22. September 2012 after a long sickness.

Uschi was one member of our club since its foundation, and supported us whenever she could - her beloved memory will be kept by the "Atterseewelle" Working Labradors in the working retriever dogs' world.

One of her dog dogs, "Lucky" A Lucky Look von der Atterseewelle who stood perhaps closest to her heart, followed her and died totally unexpected this week at the age of 9. No words to say about it.

We have lost an honest friend, a lady with a huge amount of optimism which should be an example for us all.

Details of her funeral can be found on their kennel's website:

Rest in Peace, dear Uschi. We will keep you in our memories.

We are saying good bye also in the name of the members of the Working Retriever Club of Hungary

Andrea and Zsolti


"You never gave up
And always stood tall
You were a great example
Set for us all
An up beat attitude
With a constant smile
We were all blessed to know you
If only for a little while.

You will be truly missed
But we know you're in a better place
Out of the pain
And into gods grace.

You were the bravest person
I ever knew If I ever needed help
I could always look to you
You lit up our lives
With your kindness and grace
And we will never forget
Your beautiful face."

(Author unknown)

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