Hungary wins IWT

Hungary has been represented by 1team at this year's IWT - it was enough to succeed to WIN the IWT in 2012.¤





Members of the team:

Karai Csaba - Int FTCH Blackthorn Achenar

Kószó Róbert - Real Gold Storm

Török Zsolt - Blackthorn Grus

Congratulations to the team, this is the first time that Hungary wins an IWT, which is a unique success from a country where the first working-line dogs appeared about 10-12 years ago!

After a run off for the 2. and 3. place, the National Team of Germany has been awarded 2. place and Italy National Team 1. has finished on the 3. place.

The IWT will be held in Germany in 2013, we do hope that there will be again more teams representing Hungary.

Detailed results of the IWT can be read here:

Andrea Böszörményi




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