Szigetköz Cup results

Please find below the detailed results of Szigetköz Cup 2012:¤


Szigetköz Cup WT 2012 Puppy Class

Szigetköz Cup WT 2012 Novice Class

Szigetköz Cup WT 2012 Intermediate Class

Szigetköz Cup WT 2012 Open Class


The winners of each class: 

Puppy Class: Flashway Amon handler: Kutsch Edit

Novice Class: Blackthorn Kalea handler: Deák Gábor

Intermediate Class:  Blackthorn Fair handler: Megyeriné Tarpai Katalin

Open Class: FTCH Starcreek Ginger handler: Böszörményi Zsolt


Winner of the Szigetköz Cup: Deák Gábor with Blackthorn Kalea 

In the name of the board of Working Retriever Club of Hungary we would like to congratulate to all who won and all who has success at the weekend, thank you for joining us this weekend.

Huge thanx goes to our dream team for the organisation!

Andrea Böszörményi


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