We would like to invite you to a WR Party (read: Wild Rock&Roll Party) in Szigetköz which will be held during the WT weekend in Szigetköz.¤

Date: Saturday, 12. May 2012 at 19:00 – till the first shot of the starting pistol on Sunday morning

Place: Babos Major ( www.babosmajor.hu )

Live music provided by: Mr. Róbert Májer. We are happy to have found someone who has grown up in the UK to make our judges feel at home during the party!!!!

Entry fee: 12 EUR / person, which includes a 3 course dinner with different types of meat as well.

Drinks have to be limited and than payed by each individual guests.

Entry at own risk only.

Attention! Out of controll is not an eliminating fault at the party!


You plan to miss it? Your trouble!

If you like (dare) to attend, please send us an email to info@workingretriever.hu with the subject WR Party, tell us the number of people who like to join us. Payments can be arranged at the registration desk at the weekend.

To those who would like to have a rest on Saturday night, we suggest not to book their accomodation at the Apartmans in Babos Major!


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