FT Championship Results

Results of the 1. Austrian - Hungarian Championship: 





1. place CACIT / CACT:  Lesser Burdock Ansdell (labrador retriever bitch) handled by. Petra Loidl

2. place Res. CACIT / Res. CACT + Gun's Choice:  Fly of Dukefield (labrador retriever bitch) handled by: Andrea Böszörményi

"good": Denbank Kirky (labrador retriever male), handled by: Kurt Becksteiner

Full list of results can be found here:


Thank you to all who have contributed to the success of this event, it was a great team work, thank you to our to judges, Guy Bennett andf Pauliina Ahola, to our hosts and guns, to Dr. Heike and Ralph Klieber for all their help, to the organizing team for their excellent job. 

The trial was flowing, the standard of dogs was above expectations, the shooting itself was excellent, the guns could see wonderful dogs, great retrieves, we could be really proud on our retrievers!

Some of the guns sayed in the end that after seeing our dogs, they would already think about buying a retriever as a gundgog! This say enough I think, bearing in mind that retrievers are not the most popular gundogs in our country.

I would like to congratulate to Petra again for her winning!

Lesser Burdock Ansdell and Fly of Dukefield have already qualified for next year's Champinoship!


Böszörményi Zsolt

President of the Working Retriever Club of Hungary

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