RESULTS FT 26.27.Nov.

On our international Open Field Trials of last weekend, we were very happy to announce two hungarian winners both days!

We had 2 wonderful shooting days, each days about 80-90 pheasants, a few hares, and a fox have been shot, thanks to this and the good level of dogs, we had field trials of a very high standard both days..¤

Special thanks goes to Lydia Gossens and Dr. Ralph KLieber for their very positive and fair judging during the weekend.

Also many thanks to the Hunting Society of Tordas-Gyúró, and our chief game keeper Dr. László Könyves and Mr. Ferenc Varga for the wonderful hunting adventures.



FTCH Starcreek Ginger


On 26. November, the 1. prize with CACIT / CACT has been awarded to FTW Starcreek Ginger, handled by Andrea Böszörményi.

Gin has also become FIELD TRIAL CHAMPION with this win.



FTW Blackthorn Grus


On 27. November the 1. prize with CACIT / CACT title has been awarded to Blackthorn Grus with Zsolt Török.


At the weekend some more young dogs have managed to qualify for the 1. Austrian-HUngarian Field Trial Championship, which will be held on 10. December in Hungary.

Detailed results can be found below:

Results CACIT Field Trial on 26. November 2011 WRCH

Results CACIT Field Trial on 27. November 2011 WRCH


Böszörményi Andrea






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